Storefront Signs

Storefront signs are designed to set the tone for your business. The right shop sign is essential, bringing your storefront to life and attracting customers who would not otherwise venture inside.

Do not sit back and hope for visitors to enter a bland and generic-looking store. Be proactive and install a storefront sign that customizes your space, reflects your brand, and appeals to passers-by.

Esco-Pacific Signs produces stunning storefront signage that catches the eyes of pedestrians and drivers alike, boosting your business and making your store a feature of the community. Contact us now for a free consultation to find out more about your signage options.

What is a Storefront Sign?

A storefront sign is any type of signage on display at the front entrance of a shop or other commercial premises.

For many businesses, the sign is the first thing you see. If the store is an established brand, its sign should alert potential customers that it is there. For lesser-known stores, the signage is an opportunity for the business to attract new customers.

Everyone can spot an effective commercial sign when they see one. For example, the distinctive Target bullseye is a model of expert branding presented in a bold storefront sign design.

At Esco-Pacific Signs, we create unmissable signage that puts your storefront in the spotlight. We handle everything in-house, from design to manufacturing and installation, and produce options for all needs and budgets.

Types of Storefront Signs

Business signs come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Some are made to adorn the storefront itself, while others might be freestanding at the store’s parking lot entrance.

The following are just some of the different types of storefront signs that we can produce:

Storefront Wall Signs or Parapet Signs

A wall sign is one of the most common forms of custom business sign. The signage is attached to the exterior wall of a shop, usually over the entrance. A parapet sign is very similar – it involves a sign being attached to a decorative section of the wall that protrudes over the roofline. These business signs will usually include the company name, logo, or both.

Hanging Signs and Blade Signs

A hanging or blade sign will stand out from the front wall of the business, usually at a 90-degree angle, supported by a bracket. This allows people to see the store name or logo while walking alongside a row of stores. A hanging sign may be able to swing in the breeze while a blade sign is fixed in place.

Monument Signs

Low-profile monument signs sit at ground level outside a business. They come in all sizes, ranging up to extremely large signs. They can be built at the entrance to a company parking lot to attract passers-by or nearer to the storefront itself to reinforce branding and add a unique and impressive element.

Rooftop Signs

As the name suggests, a rooftop sign can feature the business name, logo, or slogan and is built at the edge of the storefront roof. This allows the signage to stand out over the roofline for maximum visibility and exposure.

Pylon Business Signs

The company sign will sit on top of a post or pylon, suspending it in the air. Again, this might be at the entrance to a parking lot to bring shoppers toward the store itself.

Window Graphics

Many storefronts also feature windows. Some windows might be kept clear to allow shoppers to see displays inside. By they can also be covered with custom vinyl graphics. These can display patterning, promotions, information, company branding, and anything else you want it to.
The examples above are a sample of common commercial business signs and give you a flavor of how you can customize your store.

Many stores utilize multiple signs. For example, they may have a wall sign, a projected sign, and window graphics, with a pylon sign positioned away from the storefront for maximum attention.

Contact us for more information on these or any other options you want to explore.

What Will Your Sign Look Like?

No matter what type of sign (or multiple signs) you opt for, you will have choices on how you want it to look. We create everything from flat-cut two-dimensional signs to three-dimensional lettering that stands out from the storefront surface.

There are pros and cons to these different types. For example, a flat-cut sign might be cheaper and easier to maintain, while a dimensional cut sign might offer a more impressive look.

You should speak to our experts to explore which option is best for you.

Should You Light Your Business Sign?

Once you know what type of sign you need and how you want it to look, you have one more major consideration – do you want it to be lit or unlit?

Illuminated storefront signs have the advantage of standing out in any light or weather, but they may not be suitable for everyone. You can explore the advantages of a non-lighted business sign and the benefits of an illuminated shop sign below.

Of course, illuminated business signage will present more challenges when it comes to manufacturing and installation. But we handle everything in-house and can accommodate you, no matter what you need.

Designing and Manufacturing Your Storefront Sign

We have graphic design experts and fabrication specialists on our team. We will help you shape your brand and perfect a design that you will be proud to see on your storefront.

Once you are happy with the design, we will manufacture a sign that meets your specifications.

The Installation Process

When your brand-new signage has been fabricated and passed through quality control, it is time to install it. Our installation team will take care of this.

The installation process will depend on your sign’s type and desired location. It may involve mounting it securely to the exterior wall of your store or building the structure for a monument sign.

Many storefront signs are extremely large because they need to stand out and fit the scale of the building. We have heavy machinery such as booms and cranes ready to lift and secure your sign.

Our installation team is also made up of qualified electricians. If you have chosen an illuminated sign for your storefront, they will get it lit up.

Find the Best Storefront Sign Solution Near Me

You need your store to stand out, and we can make that happen with outstanding storefront signage. Contact Esco Pacific Signs for a free consultation and revitalize the face of your business today.

We can handle every aspect of your signage needs, with quick turnarounds and budget-friendly options. Call (360) 748-6461 or send us an email today.

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