Exterior Lighted Signs 

The perfectly designed illuminated sign can turn heads and turn your business into a showstopping landmark.

While non-lit signs can be very effective, adding illumination can transform the look of your building. It will make it visible at all hours, pulling in a whole new demographic of customers and visitors.

At Esco-Pacific Signs, we have been creating lighted signs for business properties for decades. Our initial consultation is free, and our in-house installation teams are made up of fully licensed electricians who can bring your sign to life.

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What is an

Illuminated Exterior Sign?

An exterior lighted sign is any type of outdoor signage that can be lit up. Several different methods can be used to illuminate a business sign, depending on your space and requirements.

There are pros and cons to using illuminated signage outside your premises. But the bottom line is that a lit sign provides a stunning look, especially in lower lights. A stunning custom sign will give your business a bold appearance like nothing else.

At Esco-Pacific Signs, we are design, manufacturing, and installation experts that can do it all when it comes to lighted signs. Contact us for more information.

Advantages of Outdoor

Business Signs with Lights

An illuminated sign may cost a little more than a non-lit equivalent, but it can be worth it.

Benefits of lit-up signage include:

  • Outstanding visibility at all times
  • Bright, bold, and stunning visuals, particularly at night
  • More effective in poor weather conditions
  • Visible and readable from further away
  • More functional for informational and regulatory signs that need to be readable at all hours
You need to be fully informed when deciding between lighted or non-lighted signs for your business. An illuminated sign will cost more to manufacture and install. It will also require ongoing costs in paying for electricity.

But we cannot overstate how effective an illuminated outdoor sign is when showcasing a business and drawing in potential customers and visitors. It will give your signage a dramatic edge, providing an elite look for any business.

How are Illuminated

Signs Lit Up?

There are different methods of lighting an outdoor sign. The technique used will depend on the design that has been developed for your sign.

Most signs will use channel letters – fabricated lettering that includes an internal lighting source. Variations include:

Front-lit Channel Letters

This is the most common form of illuminated outdoor sign. It is also known as face illuminated. The logo or lettering will have a translucent face with a built-in light source shining through the letter face. This method looks fantastic and offers endless possibilities when it comes to fonts, colors, and styling.

Back-lit Lettering

A solid logo or wording will be installed with back-lit signage (also known as halo lighting). The mounting process will leave the sign set slightly away from the surface, with a light source fitted behind it. The light will give the edges of the sign a glowing effect. This is another extremely popular form of sign lighting.

Combination Sign Lighting

Some sign designs might require a mix of front-lit letters and halo lighting to give the desired effect.

External Spotlighting

While it is technically not a form of lighted business sign, external spotlights can also be used to illuminate a sign. In this case, the lighting is separate from the sign. It is not as effective as a lit sign but still provides some added visibility.

No matter which option you go for, different light sources can be used to illuminate your business sign. They include:

  • LED Lights: Bright, energy-efficient, reliable, and adaptable.
  • Neon lights: Unique feel, but more limited than LED.
  • Fluorescent bulbs or tubes: More expensive to run than LED.

Contact our experts for a free consultation. They will discuss your needs and provide guidance on the best options for your needs.

Types of Signs for


At Esco-Pacific Signs, we create all kinds of different signage options. These include everything from ground-level monument signs that provide a touch of class to the outside of a business, to a pylon sign that reaches high into the air and offers maximum visibility.

The types of signs we build with face illumination or halo lighting include:

  • Exterior wall signs
  • Parapet signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Rooftop signs
  • Freestanding signs

We can help you build and install the type of illuminated sign that is right for your business.

Planning Permission for Illuminated Business Signs

Are you likely to face any opposition to an illuminated sign outside your business?

Regulations for signage are often outlined in state or city/town legislature. It can control elements such as the size or brightness of a sign. In most areas, you should have no problem having an illuminated sign installed outside your business.

Check with your local authorities and contact Esco-Pacific Signs for more information on the process of installing a lit sign. We can also help with any permitting required. We have a wealth of experience and can provide the guidance you need.

Designing an Illuminated Sign

Any designs for an illuminated sign must take the technical requirements into account.

If you have a set design ready to go, we can turn it into a fully realized product. If you have an idea in mind, we will work with you to refine and finalize it. However, if you know you want an illuminated sign but have no idea what it should look like, we have a full graphic design department ready to go.

Our skilled team will develop a brilliant design to showcase your business. As a full-service sign company, we take pride in handling every part of the process.

Manufacturing and Installing an Illuminated Sign

Esco-Pacific Signs handles signage manufacturing in-house at our own facility. Our team is supremely skilled and highly experienced in bringing complex designs to life.

Completing production ourselves ensures that we have quick turnaround times for maximum customer satisfaction. It also gives us complete control over the materials used. Illuminated exterior signs need to be built to last outdoors. We make products that are durable enough to survive outside in all weathers.

Once manufacturing is complete, we also handle the installation. Our installers are licensed electricians that can hook up complex sign illumination setups. This saves you from having to seek out electricians to get your sign in working order.

Esco-Pacific Signs is equipped with full-scale trucks and machinery, including cranes and booms, to settle your installation smoothly.

From electrical infrastructure to secure mounting, our installers will ensure your sign is up and running at full capacity. We also have staff responsible for future maintenance as needed.

Contact Us for Illuminated Business Signs Near You

Trust Esco Pacific Signs to produce the perfect exterior lighted sign for your business. Our team’s skill and track record are second to none.

But in addition, we have the benefit of bringing every service to the table. Many companies outsource elements of the process, which can slow things down and leave you with more work to do in the long term.

We will take care of design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance without you having to chase different options. Contact us now – call (360) 748-6461 or send us an email for a free consultation.

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