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Our outstanding wall graphics can transform your interior space with dazzling vinyl designs. You can add branding and personalize your walls with no mess or hassle. At Esco Pacific Signs, we create custom wall decals with bold and striking visuals. You can cover all kinds of surfaces with budget-friendly graphics, including logos, slogans, patterns, and more. Contact us now to find out more about the options we offer. We specialize in everything from wall wraps to window decals and provide a free initial consultation to all customers. Our full-service team handles everything from design and manufacturing to installation for you.

What Are

Wall Graphics?

Interior wall graphics or decals are essentially large stickers. Custom designs are printed using a type of vinyl material with an adhesive backing.

The vinyl decals can be stuck easily to smooth surfaces, such as walls and windows, like a highly customizable no-fuss wallpaper, but with a more straightforward installation process. It can be designed specifically for the look you want for your business walls and windows.

Decal designs can be incredibly precise and elaborate and can completely transform the look of a wall.

We can create large vinyl decals in a huge range of styles and colors. Contact us for examples of our work and to find out how we can transform your business space.

Types of Wall Graphics?

There are all kinds of potential uses for custom wall graphics, from decoration to information.

Window decals: Stickers can adhere to glass surfaces. They can be stuck onto the inner side of a window to display a graphic or image to people outside, or to an interior glass window or wall.

Window decals

Stickers can adhere to glass surfaces. They can be stuck onto the inner side of a window to display a graphic or image to people outside, or to an interior glass window or wall.

Wall wraps

Decals can be attached to interior walls. We can create graphic wraps that cover small sections of walls for a specific purpose or large-scale wraps that cover entire wall surfaces.

Slogans & Wording

Some wall graphics are designed to display text on a wall. This text could involve a single slogan or a body of informational text.

Patterned decals

Custom graphics can involve pictures or patterns that are adhered to interior walls. They can be designed and cut to specific sizes as needed.


We can create custom logo decals that can be added to any flat surface. This is the perfect way to enhance your business branding at an affordable price.

And More

No matter what you need a custom decal to do, Esco Pacific Signs can create and install the perfect designs for you.

Materials Used for Wall Wraps

Our custom wall graphics are made using vinyl. This is a form of man-made plastic material that has been used since the 1920s and has a ton of excellent properties. It is also perfect for decals, as it can be produced in flexible sheets.

Vinyl has properties that make it ideal for wall decoration. These include:

  • Tough and durable for long-lasting installations
  • Resistant to moisture and humidity – perfect for windows and interior walls
  • Low-cost material that can be recycled
  • Plenty of color options
  • Can be manufactured into endless designs, including transparent and solid areas

Different types of vinyl can be used for wall graphic decals. Most installations use a soft PVC vinyl, though some might call for a polyester vinyl material.

At Esco-Pacific Signs, we have endless experience working with vinyl graphics and will produce the perfect decoration for your space.

Designing the Perfect Wall Graphics for Your Business

Our top-class graphic design team will create the ideal decal designs for your walls. You can provide us with ideas and requirements, or our team can use their experience and expertise to develop options for you.

One of the key attributes of custom graphics is the ability to create very precise designs. We can develop and print decals to exact specifications.

How are Decals Applied?

Whether you want to apply a decal to a wall or a window, our custom graphics are supremely easy to apply. They come with adhesive backing and can adhere to any flat surface.

An added benefit is that they can be easily removed with no damage. If you want to update your branding, give your office a facelift, or make any other alterations to your walls, it is an easy job.

If you are within our installation area, our team can apply your custom decals for you. If not, we can still create the designs you need and ship them to you.

Sizes of Custom Wall Decals

The size of a vinyl surface sticker will depend on the design. For example, a pattern might be created to cover an entire wall surface, while a logo decal might need to cover a much smaller area.

We have the equipment to print decals to any size you need. Contact us for specific sizing requests.

How Much Do Wall and Window Graphics Cost?

Using vinyl wall wraps is a cost-effective method of installing custom business graphics. The price will depend on a variety of factors. These include the type of design and scale of the decals.

Our representatives will talk you through the options we provide and give pricing for your specific project.

Contact Us for Custom Interior Wall Graphics Near You

No matter what kind of design you are looking for, or the surfaces you need to cover, we can help. At Esco Pacific Signs, we deal with design, manufacturing, and installation. We produce top-quality visuals and can transform your space at an affordable price.

Call us at (360) 748-6461 or email us now for a free consultation.

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