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Esco-Pacific Signs has been providing outstanding skill and craftsmanship for more than 40 years. We are based in Chehalis, WA, working across a huge area and shipping our products anywhere they are needed.

Locally owned and operated, we have the passion of a small family-run company but with the capabilities and resources of a major operation. We believe in doing things right, with an old-fashioned commitment to our customers.

Esco-Pacific Signs is a full-service company. That means that we handle each aspect of your project in-house, without farming elements out to third parties as many other companies do.

Below is a brief overview of the services we offer. Click through to learn more about each of our services, and contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote.


The first step in any project is finding out exactly what you are able to build or install. Our team is vastly experienced, and every member knows what they are doing when it comes to planning regulations and building permits. We will survey your location and map out your options with associated timeframes and costs. We make a massive range of different signs, and our experts will help you pick the right one for your space.


Getting the design of your sign or graphics right is crucial. Many sign companies require you to provide your own finalized graphic or have to sub-contract the design element of a project. But we have a full graphic design team ready to whip up the perfect draft for your business. We will then bring your ideas and our finalized design to life.


Once a design has been approved and finalized, it is time to turn an idea into reality. We have a fabrication facility that allows us to complete manufacturing in-house locally. We are proud to offer American-made products that we can stand behind. By doing this work ourselves, we can ensure that your sign is made to the highest standards, complete with quality control checks. We use the best materials and build our products to last.


When your sign has been constructed, it is time for installation, and we have a team on staff ready to handle the job. Our installers can handle construction projects for permanent installations. They are also trained electricians and can create infrastructure and wire in illuminated electronic signage. Esco-Pacific Signs has a fleet of trucks, including booms and cranes, allowing us to complete complex installations of large-scale signage ourselves without hiring extra equipment.


If you are outside our installation area, that does not stop you from ordering our products. Whether you need business cards, vinyl graphics, a lightweight banner, or even heavy-duty signage, we are happy to ship our products anywhere. Shipping and handling fees will depend on location.

Maintenance Service and Repair

Our signs are built to last. But signage can be impacted by all kinds of unforeseen circumstances. Maybe it is old and has not been given proper care or attention, or perhaps it was damaged by adverse weather conditions. In some cases, your sign might just need a good clean and routine maintenance. We handle it all. Our team can provide servicing and care for all signs, whether we built and sold them or not.

Contact Esco Pacific Signs

Our company has been creating fully customized signage since 1977. As a full-service company, we keep everything in-house, from design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance. With us, you do not need to shop around for different providers. We have got every aspect of your sign needs covered.

An initial consultation is free – we will only charge when we get our team and equipment out to survey your site. Call (360) 748-6461 or send us an email now.

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