An outstanding product starts with a dazzling design.

Aesthetics are important. And when it comes to your business branding, you need every product to stand out and suit your style. The design must match the feel of your company and appeal to your customers.

When it comes to signage specifically, this is often the first thing a customer will see when visiting your business, and it has to look good.

That is why you need skilled designers working for you. Esco-Pacific Signs has a professional graphic design team in place with years of experience in creating exceptional company branding.

Learn more about the design process and find out how our team’s capabilities.

The Importance of the Right Design

Signs, logos, graphics, and marketing materials are a gateway to your business. They need to convey that your company offers a quality service.

The perfect design can do just that. Using slick, bold, and attractive aesthetics that match your brand can give customers the right impression straight away.

Once you have the right look, you can carry consistent branding elements across all signage and products to give your business a cohesive feel.

We make everything a company or organization needs, from business cards to massive, illuminated signs for storefronts. It does not matter what kinds of products you are ordering from us – they all need to carry the right design. Our team can create that look for you.

Do You Need an Existing Design or Logo?

If you have an existing logo that you want to utilize on your new products or signs, or have designs already drawn up, we are happy to use them.

We can also clean up or refine any existing designs you have. For example, if you have a logo but want to produce a better-quality version, or you want to change the color scheme, we can do that too.

But do not worry if you don’t have anything for our team to work from. They are graphic design experts who excel in creating something from nothing. They can work from your ideas or produce something entirely new based solely on your requirements.

Our Design Process

We streamline the sign design process to ensure you get a look that you are pleased with quickly. Our designers are skilled and efficient. They will produce drafts for you to approve in no time.

  • Contact us to get the ball rolling.
  • Consultation: The next step is a consultation. Our experts will survey your location and map out your signage options based on needs, budget, and timeframe. You will then pick the best type of sign for you based on that information.
  • Design discussion: Once we know what type of sign structure you want, you will work with our professional graphic design team. You can provide any ideas or guidelines or give them general guidance. Then, let them do what they do best.
  • Drafts: The team will create detailed renderings for you to assess.
  • Refinement: You can make comments and suggestions, and the team will refine the design until you are happy with it.

Finalizing a Design

We only move to the printing or manufacturing stage when you are completely happy with the design. A sign will be a prominent part of your business for years to come, so it has to be right.

Our designers are receptive to your ideas and easy to work with. They want nothing more than to make your vision a reality.

Contact Esco Pacific Signs

There are so many advantages to fitting your business with top-quality signs. Contact us today to see some of our past projects and to find out how we can help you.

Our company has been creating fully customized signage since 1977. As a full-service company, we keep everything in-house, from design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance. With us, you do not need to shop around for different providers. We have got every aspect of your sign needs covered.

An initial consultation is free – we will only charge when we get our team and equipment out to survey your site. Call (360) 748-6461 or send us an email now.

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