Once you have a sign built and installed, it will be a beacon for your business for years to come. But as with everything else, signs sometimes need maintenance and repairs.

Sign maintenance is not always easy. It often requires heavy machinery and technical expertise.

At Esco-Pacific Signs, we provide a full range of services, and that includes helping you take care of your purchases. We can help provide regular scheduled routine maintenance or emergency repairs as needed.

We provide expert maintenance services even if you did not buy your sign through us. Contact our team to keep your sign in great shape.

Routine Maintenance

As the face of your business, you will want your sign to make the right impression. But that gets harder over time.

Signs can become dirty, lose power, suffer minor outages, or become damaged, especially when they are positioned outside in the elements.

It is hard to perform routine maintenance yourself because many signs are large and positioned out of reach. It can require specialist equipment to do the job.

With routine maintenance provided by Esco-Pacific Signs, your signage will always look its best. This may mean keeping it clean, refinishing or refurbishing it, or simply changing lightbulbs to ensure it is always looking clear and sharp.

Sign Repairs

We are on call to provide repairs if any part of your sign is not working as it should. If the electronics start to falter, if the brackets or supports show signs of failing, or if any other part of the sign suffers issues, we are here to help.

Our work is of the highest quality, and our products are built to last. But we must always prepare for the unexpected. If you see any signs of your sign not being in top shape, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our maintenance and repair service team consists of trained electricians who are licensed to fix failing electronics, as well as other signage construction, support, and structural issues.

Signs to Look Out For

You should look out for a few factors that can alert you to a need for sign maintenance or repair. They include:

  • Whether the lamps are all working correctly.
  • If the sign is clean (inside and out) and visually pleasing.
  • Does your sign look worn or old or generally require a facelift?
  • Whether there are any signs of a sign being insecure, especially in adverse weather.
  • Does your sign flicker, cut out intermittently, or take too long to light up?

If you see these or any other signs of excessive wear or failure, our maintenance and repair team can help.

Specialist Equipment for Sign Maintenance

Most people cannot (and should not) attempt maintenance on their signs themselves. This is because signs are often installed high on buildings, and it is not safe for someone untrained to do so.

Esco-Pacific Signs has the equipment necessary to perform maintenance safely. Our fleet includes boom trucks and cranes, among other vehicles and machinery.

Do not put yourself in a dangerous situation – let the experts handle it.

Contact Esco Pacific Signs

There are so many advantages to fitting your business with top-quality signs. Contact us today to see some of our past projects and to find out how we can help you.

Our company has been creating fully customized signage since 1977. As a full-service company, we keep everything in-house, from design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance. With us, you do not need to shop around for different providers. We have got every aspect of your sign needs covered.

An initial consultation is free – we will only charge when we get our team and equipment out to survey your site. Call (360) 748-6461 or send us an email now.

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